Monday, 6 August 2012

Lifebuoy: Free Lifebuoy Totalprotect Bodywash 300ml Sample Giveaway

About Lifebuoy
The Lifebuoy brand has, since 1894, supported people
 in their quest for better personal hygiene. 
The classic red bar of Lifebuoy soap and 
its distinctive medicated carbolic smell 
has been synonymous with cleanliness 
throughout the twentieth century.

Today, the Lifebuoy brand is more than the 
quintessential bar of red soap, and provides hygiene 
and health for the entire family through 
a range of products like liquid hand wash 
and specially designed body wash. 
Beyond ensuring daily hygiene and freshness, 
Lifebuoy products also address special needs l
ike anti-acne and skin fortification for 
an all around cleansing experience.

Lifebuoy Totalprotect Bodywash 300ml Giveaway

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